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Steve Sohmer began preparing taxes at the age of 15 as an apprentice at his father’s tax office.  Steve’s father, Mark Sohmer is a C.P.A. from the old school.  Back then returns were handwritten in pencil, rigorously checked, then photocopied for permanence.  The term “e-file” wasn’t even invented yet.  Clients mailed their returns (late filers often waited for hours on lines at the post office to mail their returns) and received a refund check in 6-8 weeks!  Today, while the technology may be different, the filing process modern and refunds quicker, we still strive for the same excellent service.

Steve attended college at Binghamton University, where he earned an honors degree and gained admission into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa academic excellence society.

From there, he attended the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he earned his juris doctor degree – again with honors.

After law school Steve worked for firms in New York and New Jersey before deciding to take the next step and work for himself.  That was 1999 and he hasn’t looked back.

Eventually, Steve went back to his first love – preparing taxes.  A friend asked him to help manage an under-producing tax practice.  In those days he worked under the “Tax Experts” name.  He built that office into a hugely successful practice — so successful that he needed help.

In 2008, when his wife Alice’s administrative assistant job was shut down and moved out of state, she joined on to help Steve prepare taxes full-time.  The business continued to expand dramatically.

In 2010 they decided to again take a giant step forward.  As good as things were, they wanted to take tax preparation to a new level.  They could only do that if they had the freedom to design a tax preparation service from the ground up.  They combined all their knowledge, talents and skills to establish their own preparation service –Freedom Tax Service, LLC.

The result is a company that is the culmination of their desire to bring excellence to the tax preparation field.  Freedom Tax Service, with its dual-preparer system, free e-filing, free state return (with federal preparation), 100% satisfaction guarantee and 50 state service is simply the best.  We know you’ll agree.

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